Get Involved

When Plymouth’s streets are opened up to the city’s runners it is time to come together to celebrate the achievement of every runner and individual who takes part.

Plymouth’s Half Marathon can’t help but make you smile; Jelly-baby Street (our own little nickname) where a fistful of sweets gives an extra spring in the step of the runners, running bananas, the team of volunteers providing answers to questions, the hundreds of school children who become heroes for the day – this is Plymouth’s celebration.

This year – we want you to share your stories!

  • A personal challenge
  • A reason to drop a few pounds
  • To mark an important birthday
  • To raise much needed funds for a local cause
  • Or a need for speed!

You don’t have to run to be a part of something special! Plymouth’s Half Marathon continues to inspire people to get active and achieve their own personal challenge.

With your help, Plymouth’s Half will continue to be a key fixture in Plymouth’s Calendar. Shout, cheer, sponsor a runner, stick up a poster!